Shop Vacation - Shipping ETA May 29 2016

Pretty & Polished will not be shipping any packages from May 31st 2016 to June 6th 2016. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience during this time! We will get all outstanding orders shipped by June 8th!

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Thank you!

Cancer Care Project September 30 2015

Good evening everyone! We wanted to share with you a little bit of what we have been working on and what you can look forward to in the month of October. 

As most of you know, we try to do several charity projects each year here at Pretty & Polished. Well, as October is Breast Cancer Awareness month we have decided to start a new project. Hopefully one that can continue to grow for as long as we are around to supply you with beautiful polish. You will see on our drop down polish menu that we have a "Charity" section. Each month we will place items into this category and the profits from those items will go towards helping us with our Cancer Care Packages, any extra products or profits will go to the Little Red Door Cancer Services.

What is a Cancer Care Package you ask? Well, we have decided to work with Little Red Door Cancer Services as well as the Oncology Unit at Ball Memorial Hospital to make and provide special packages for their patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. We have made boxes that we have packed with Pretty & Polished products as well as products donated by our friends, family, and customers and supporters just like you! If you would like to donate in any way we will put the information at the bottom of this post so that you may do so. 

We would like to not only continue to provide these care packages locally but we want to branch out and go as far as we can with it. If that means that we simply inspire someone to do this in their hometown we hope we can! YOU can do this! 

Something else we are doing to make this more fun for our customers, each month when you purchase something from our Charity section we will send you a ticket. We will keep the other half and write your information on it. On the first of every month we will pull a ticket out of our box and email the winner. That winner will win a prize pack! Each month the prize will be different. 

We want you to know that we will be selling some Cancer Care Packages on our website. The packages for sale will be slightly different from the ones we are handing out for free. We will not be using any donated products in the ones for sale online. They will be packed with items we have sourced ourselves. We want to give you the opportunity to send one to someone you know who has gone through chemo or radiation. The profits from these boxes will go directly back into the Cancer Care Package program. They will be limited in quantity so please be patient with us as we attempt to make this program work.


If you would like to donate to the Pretty & Polished Cancer Care Package Program please send your donations to the following address along with your name, address, and email. We will be sending each donor a coupon code for a free nail polish ($8.50 value). 

Pretty & Polished

PO Box 127

Muncie, IN 47308


Items that can be donated: Unused makeup, skincare, or bath & body products. Unused Nail Polish. Fragrance samples, scarves, coupons, jewelry, candies. If you have any questions about something you'd like to donate please email me directly at

Happy Hour Collection! June 30 2015

Our new Happy Hour Collection will be up for Preorder July 1st at 1 p.m. EST until 7 p.m. EST! You can use the code HappyHour for 5% off. 
If you miss the preorder they will be available again on July 10th! 
Introducing the Pretty & Polished "Happy Hour" Collection! This Cocktail inspired collection comes with 6 stunning Holographic infused shades named after some of your favorite Cocktail Hour refreshments. This Collection will be available for sale on July 10th 2015 at In addition to the 6 new Polishes we will be releasing an assortment of new Cocktail inspired Bath & Body Products, including Mani Melt Shooters scented and named after popular shots. 
Sangria: This sexy red jelly is packed with scattered holographic red glitters. Easy going formula with amazing pigmentation, get full coverage in ONE layer!
Appletini: This polish is spectacularly bright with a strong slightly scattered holographic presence. This polish is creamy and has an incredibly easy to work with formula. 2 layers for full coverage.
Purple Nurpl: Don't be fooled by the funny name, this is one HOT polish. Probably the most intriguing polish of the collection, this deep purple jelly has an insane amount of holographic sparkle coming from different shades of tiny holographic glitters. Full coverage in 2 layers. 
Tequila Sunrise: This cocktail is served with the bottom half being red and the top half being orange. Dip your bottle into some ice water and get the full effect! This interesting orange jelly changes to a red/orange jelly when exposed to cold. It's also packed with gorgeous golden scattered holographic glitters. May take 3 coats for full coverage. 
Long Island Iced Tea: Tea with no tea?! This interesting shade of copper is a must have brown in your collection. It has a very strong scattered holographic sparkle and is opaque in 1-2 layers!
Cosmopolitan: A true Cosmo should be a bright pink frothy cocktail. And that is what you will get with this neon polish. This intensely pink polish is packed with pink and purple holographic glitters 
Also included in this release are our new Bath & Body products. 
Our new Bubble Bombs are a wondrous mix between Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars. Add them to your bath while the water is still running and watch them fizz and foam while creating a blanket of delightful bubbles!
Cosmopolitan: A cranberry infused bomb with hints of orange and lime. 
Piña Colada: A sweet tropical medley of Coconut, Pineapple, and Rum. 
Sangria: Deep red Wine scent topped off with a little chopped fruit. The top of this bomb has a crisp layer scented of sweet Orange. 
Strawberry Daiquiri: A dreamy Strawberry treat topped with notes of whipped cream and rum. 
Pink Bubbly: Experience the sweet scent of Pink Champagne that's so bubbly it tickles your nose!
Another addition to our lineup is our new Mani Melt Shooters! 
Jello Shots: Grape, Lime, Orange, and Cherry. 
Tomahawk: A Cinnamon and Almond mash up.
Melon Ball: A Melon and Pineapple infusion. 

Discontinued! August 23 2014

Pretty & Polished will be discontinuing several polishes including the "Saved by the Nail" Collection and the "Summer FX" Collection. Please check out our Say Goodbye section online to check these items out while we still have them. 

The Say Goodbye section is also where you can find a ton of great deals!


Check out the SAY GOODBYE section NOW!

March Release February 27 2014

Good evening everyone. March 1st we will be releasing 16 new shades and re-releasing 3 old shades. 
They will be available at Midnight EST on the morning of March 1st.
A New Equation is our newest installment of Adventure Time Themed Nail Polishes. This collection was inspired by Fionna and Cake. You will find 6 fun shades inspired by 6 different characters of the fun cartoon. 
The Spring FX Collection is 5 special effect polishes just in time for Spring! Each polish has something to offer in the special effects department, whether it is Holographic, color changing, or duo-chrome.
We will be adding two new polishes to our "Country Girl Swag Collection" in the form of Barefoot in Dixie and Sugar in a Sundress
We will also be adding two new color changing nail polishes to our Thermal Color Changing line up. Kimono'ver Here, which changes from a red when cool to a sheer gold when warm/hot, and Old World Blues, which changes from a blue holographic shade when cool to a silver/white holographic shade when warm/hot. 
We will also be adding three old school Pretty & Polished colors to the website. Concoction, Party on my Yacht, and Candy Coated are three older shades that we are bringing back for a limited time and in limited amounts. 
And last but certainly not least, we introduce to you our St. Patricks Day Polish, Shamrocks and Shenanigans!
Pretty Shamrocking awesome if you ask us!
Shamrocks and Shenanigans is a bright neon green holographic shade. This polish is limited edition and we only have 50 bottles available!
We hope that everyone will be able to find a polish or two that fits your personality and personal tastes. We are so excited about these new additions to our inventory line up. Please check out all of our new Bath & Body products as well and look forward to updates on our Beauty Boxes soon as well! Stay Pretty & Polished friends!

Links to reviews of new polishes:

2/10 Press Release February 10 2014

Good morning Pretty & Polished Fans! We have a lot of news for you today. As you can tell by looking at our website, we have updated everything and have made our website easier to navigate. You can now use our wishlist tool to add polishes you like or plan to purchase in the future to a list! This is a really great feature and we hope you will enjoy it!


We also want to FINALLY give you the details on all of our new polishes coming out! On March 1st we will be releasing 2 new collections, "Spring FX", and "A New Equation". 

"Spring FX" is a four part collection that has a little something for everyone who loves our effects polishes. 

  • "My Friend Dahlia" changes from a holographic purple jelly when cold to a bright holographic pink when warm! You can see a quick video of it here: My Friend Dahlia on Youtube 
  • "Fields of Poppy" is a gorgeous Poppy Creme polish with a lovely holographic shimmer. 
  • "Disguise the Limit" is a lovely shade of blue with color shifting shimmer and a strong holographic glow. 
  • "Green Eyes and Stormy Skies" is a deep dark duo-chrome shade that transitions from a green to a purple at different angles and has a lovely holographic shimmer!

You can check this collection out now at: Spring FX


"A New Equation" is our newest additions to our  "Adventure Time" themed polishes. This collection will have 6 brand new polishes based off of the Fionna & Cake episodes. 

  • "Ma Ma Ma My Fionna" has a light blue crelly base and is packed with white, blue, green, and yellow glitters to remind you of the beautiful and brave Fionna from Adventure Time. 
  • "Catnip! Sweet Babies!" is our new color based off of Cake from Adventure Time. You will find this creamy white base packed with caramel hexes and the perfect shade for Fionnas forever faithful pal.
  • "Prince and Repeat" is a gorgeous pink creme based polish packed with his royal Highness's trademark colors. This polish is simply Prince Gumball in a bottle, without the stickiness!
  • "Ice Ice Lady" is a really fun white crelly polish. Although the Ice Queen herself cannot be trusted, you can trust that this polish is a winning look! You will find blue, red, and gold glitters swimming in this white base. 
  • "Bad Little Boy" is our dark and evil presentation of Marshall Lee from Adventure Time. This polish is a lovely red jelly packed with menacing black glitters and a touch of blue that pops!
  • "Dots and Dashes" represents Lord Monochromicorn, the gender-swapped version of Lady Rainicorn. Unlike Lady Rainicorn, he is dark and dashingly handsome (according to Cake) and communicates with Morse Code. We think this polish is quite clever! 

You can check this collection out now at: A New Equation


We will also be releasing two new additions to our "Country Girl Swag" Collection! 

  • "Sugar in a Sundress" is a sweet pale yellow creme with a beautiful shimmer and blue glitters.
  • "Barefoot in Dixie" is a gorgeous medium green creme with green, purple, and pink glitters.

You can see these gorgeous new additions here: Country Girl Swag


Along with all these lovely new polish additions we will be adding a few more polishes including two new color changers!

  • "Kimono'ver Here" is a red to gold color changer with iridescent multi-colored and gold flakes. Here is a quick video: Kimono'ver Here at Youtube 
  • "Old World Blues" is a color changers that goes from a holographic blue to a holographic white/silver. Here is a quick video: Old World Blues on Youtube 

Swatches of these two beauties will be up shortly. The videos don't really give them the credit they deserve. 



Another exciting addition to the Pretty & Polished line is our new Beauty Boxes! These are exclusive boxes that we will be shipping out to our customers who order them every month. You will be getting exclusive products and sneak peeks at new products! For more information about this exciting new addition please read here:

Beauty Box


Please sign up for our Newsletter at the bottom of our webpage so you never miss out on any offers or announcements about new products. 

You can also follow us on Social Media to stay up do date on all things P&P. Those links can also be found at the bottom of our webpage. 

We look forward to hearing your thoughts about all of our new products and promotions!


Team P&P

Please join us... February 09 2014

On Monday February 10th we will be making some big announcements about our Spring lines and releases. This announcement will be a rather large one and will include the introduction to many new features on the P&P website. We hope you will read it here, on our social media pages, or join our newsletter (link at bottom of webpage) so you can get the full scoop on whats to come! 


Thank you!

Limited Edition Valentine's Polishes February 02 2014

This year we have released 3 Valentine's Themed shades. The "Sweetheart Duo" consists of 2 matte shades in pink, First Kiss, and yellow, Cutie Pie. The third polish is a gorgeous red and purple glitter, Love Bytes,  that can be used as a topper or as a full coverage glitter with 3-4 layers. 

These polishes will only be available until February 15th. 


Watch for news, updates, and swatch photos of the new polishes for Spring. They will be released March 1st 2014. We will be releasing two new collections and adding 2 nail polishes to our Country Girl Swag Collection. 

Winter Collection Debut! November 15 2013

Good morning polish lovers! Today, November 15th 2013, we will be releasing 12 new shades! 9 shades are part of our new Winter Collection. The ninth shade in this collection, "Be-Claus I love You" will actually be sold in hopes of raising money for the Salvation Army. All profits from the sale of this particular polish will be going to them. Hopefully we can bring a little holiday cheer to those less fortunate. 

This years winter collection is a little different from years past. We wanted to do shades that could be worn all year instead of catering to specific holidays. We think these shades are fabulous representations of the kind of bold color combinations and outstanding formula that Pretty & Polished is known for. We truly hope you will enjoy all the shades and we wish you all a very happy winter and holiday season!!

Winter Collection Round-up!

"Winter? I hardly know her!" - A color changing nail polish that changes from white to blue when cold. You will find this polish to be packed with white and blue glitters. Reminiscent of the icy snowy winter. 

"Babes in Boyland" - A light creamy blue base with bright pink glitters and white rectangles, hex, and diamonds!

"Haute-y and Nice" - A polish inspired by winter runway fashion! This polish has a creamy gray base and is packed with purples, blues, pinks, and gray glitter!

"Fireside Kiss" - This polish is a sexy and romantic deep red jelly shade packed with bright sparkling pink shimmer and a pop of occasional green, blue, and purple sparkle. 

"Don't Quit Your Holi-Day Job" - A creamy white base packed with all sorts of brightly colored glitters. Inspired by the holiday shopping rush! 

"Ornament Smash Reloaded" - Our first winter collection had a polish called "Ornament Smash" and our customers LOVED it! This year we are bringing Ornament Smash back and it is better than ever! This polish was made to look like someone took a box of ornaments and just threw them into a grinder! The perfect topper for any manicure. 

"Icy What You Did There!" - This polish is sure to be a showstopper! It's a deep blue holographic shade that is perfect for any and every skin tone!

"String Cleaning" - This polish is a little bit more Holiday Traditional. Its a gorgeous green cream with a red to green color shifting sparkle and is packed with circle glitters that remind us of Christmas String Lights!

"Be-Claus I Love You" - Our charity polish this year is an adorable glitter topper packed with red, white, and iridescent glitters to really bring out your inner Santa baby. Remember, it's for a good Claus!


We will also be releasing 3 new color changing thermal nail polishes with this years Winter Collection. 

"Pieces of You" is a gorgeous deep blue jelly polish with icy blue shred glitter that changes to a deep purple jelly when cold. Perfect for cold winter weather!

"Animagi" is a lovely holographic shade that is black when cold and purple when warmed up by either your natural body temperature or by placing your fingers in warm water etc. This polish was inspired by the famous Harry Potter books. 

"Hybrid" is sure to be a best seller! This polish is one of our coveted 3 part changing polishes! It is a gorgeous purple when cold, a medium blue when room temperature, and a white or light blue when hot! It also has lovely blue shimmer swimming throughout. 


We have also made some special bath and body products for the season. Please check out our new Sugar Scrubs in scents like Sugar Yum Plum, Very Merry Cranberry, Mocha-Doodle, Peppermint Bark, and an intriguing Chocolate Covered Bacon which we think is the perfect gift for your male counterparts! 

We look forward to all the feedback from our amazing supporters and customers about these 12 new shades! 


Happy Holidays from Pretty & Polished!

Pretty & Polished 2013 Fall Collection Sneak Peek! August 23 2013

Good morning polished ones! Today we have some great blog posts to share with you all about our 2013 Fall Collection, "Fall in Love..."

This collection is based off of something very personal to me, my Fall romance with my now husband. Our anniversary also happens to be September 5th, so what better way to celebrate than with the release of the collection?!

"Fall in Love..." is a TEN piece collection! You will find some typical fall colors in this collection along with some things that may not be so typical. We are offering you many different finishes this season! What you can be sure of though is that we brought you some shades that are IN and are sure to pop right off your nails this season!

Pumpking: A bright orange jelly with sparse golden red flakies that dries to a matte finish on your nails. This is a jelly so you may still have visible nail line after 2-3 layers. We recommend layering this polish over orange, white, or even black undies!

Rake my a Little Piece of my Heart: An off white crelly polish packed with fall colors in different shapes and sizes. We recommend 2 layers with this polish. 

How's About a Roll in the Hay: This is a glitter topper packed with yellow, white, and creme, colored glitters for that perfect roll in the hay look for your nails! This polish is meant to be a glitter topper. It can be used over any color. 

H-equinox My Socks Off!: A gray brown creme with small gold and blue glitters. We recommend 2-3 layers or layering over white or brown. 

For Sweater or Worse: A perfect deep purple creme. You can achieve full coverage within 1-2 layers. 

You make me feel Gourdgeous: A sheer purple jelly packed with purples, blues, and gunmetal colors. You can get a full coverage of glitter in 3 layers. We recommend 2-3 layers or 1-2 layers over a purple or black. We also recommend wearing this over our lovely purple creme, For Sweater or Worse. 

Leaf Me Breathless: A yellow jelly full of fall colors. This is a jelly polish so you may see visible nail line even after 3 layers. We recommend 1-2 layers over a yellow or white.

When Hearts Kaleidoscope: A lovely cranberry creme with gold and pink glitters. You can achieve full coverage within 2 layers! 

Love is Autumnatic: This polish is a full coverage glitter polish and is Autumn in a bottle! You can achieve full coverage in 2 layers. We recommend layering this over Pumpking for an awesome Fall manicure!

Over the Harvest Moon For You: A blue jelly polish packed with the fall night sky! You will find holo glitter, moon glitter, and all kinds of different shapes and sizes all crammed into a sparkly dark blue jelly. You can achieve full coverage in 2-3 layers. We like the way this looks on its own but you can also layer it over a blue or black. 

We have some lovely bloggers posting pictures and reviews about this collection! Check these lovely ladies out:
And at a later date look for reviews from these bloggers:

Pretty & Polished 8/2013 July 31 2013

August is a new beginning for us here at Pretty & Polished. We will be adding to our inventory (including the new Hip Hop and R&B collection everyone is excited about), as well as adding to our staff. We have hired a Customer Service rep who will be keeping up with our many emails to ensure you get a faster response to your questions and inquiries. 

We have also moved to a new location, still in Muncie, and are no longer open to the public. However, we are working with several local companies and you can find some of our products at the following location:

Eye Candy Beauty Salon

Address: 3317 N Everbrook Ln, Muncie, IN 47304

Our products will hopefully be available in several more locations before the end of the year. 


We are also working with several distributors around the world. 

Mei Mei's Signatures based in Singapore:

Edgy Polish based in the Netherlands:

Shop Dazzled based in Hong Kong: (shop opening soon)

Polish Drops based in New York USA: (Shop coming soon!)


Please take a look at our Goodbye Section on the website to see which polishes we will soon be discontinuing. Get them while you can!


Please email us at for any questions or inquiries or if you are interested in being a wholesaler/distributor of Pretty & Polished Lacquers. 


News and Updates for Pretty & Polished! February 06 2013

Good afternoon readers! We have a lot of exciting news to share with you tonight. First we would like to start by thanking the amazing people at Vogue UK for featuring us in the March 2013 Issue! This issue of British Vogue is available online as of 2/6/2013 and available on International shelves as of 2/17/2013. We are very honored to be in any issue of Vogue!

We also wanted to let everyone know that we recently changed our lacquer formula around to make sure to give you the smoothest application and longest wear ever from Pretty & Polished. We hope you enjoy!

Friday 2/8/2013 we will be releasing the following products and collections:

Our 3 polish St. Patrick's Day Collection (found in our Holidays Category)

Our 3 polish Marilyn Monroe inspired collection "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes". This is a collection that will continue to grow over time so watch for news of additions!

2 brand new Color Changing Polishes! "April Showers" bring "May Flowers".

Cool Breeze, a beautiful blue/green holographic shade!

Our two new love bird polishes, "Draco" and "Ursa La Major". We gave our fans a chance to write the love story for these two duochrome polishes. It is an Intergalactic Love Story. The tale of two duochromes!

We will also be adding to our Bath and Body line with new scents for our Bubble Bath, Creme Bath, and Whipped Foaming Sugar Scrub!

Coming in March Pretty & Polished will be releasing another round of amazing products including our "Spring Sonata" collection (March 1st 2013) and we will also be bringing you a new nail polish brand! Looking forward to your thoughts on all the new products!


Chels and the Pretty & Polished team

What's to come in 2013? December 20 2012

After over a year of continued service to the nail polish world, we, Pretty & Polished are extending our line.

After the the new year we will be adding several new products, lines, and options to the Pretty & Polished brand. As always we will continue to provide afordable luxury nail lacquers in new and fun shades, textures, effects, and scents! We will also be opening our shipping up to more places across the world.

Some of the items you can expect to see in the new year include (but are not limited to):

More Gift Sets and Sampler Packs

More Skin and Cuticle Care Products


Accessories and Clothing

+ More!


We hope you will enjoy shopping for these new items as much as we have enjoyed making them over the last couple of years.


Most importantly we want to thank everyone who has supported us this year and who continues to support us. We wouldn't be where we are without all of you.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to the best customers in the world! We love you!



Chels and the Pretty & Polished Family

Feel Pretty, Get Polished.


Happy Holidays from Pretty & Polished December 15 2012

From now until Christmas we will be offering a few coupon codes to help everyone get those amazing last minute Holiday gifts!

Use code gift4u for 5% off all products.

Use code giftidea for 10% off all gift sets.

Use code lastminute for 20% off all of our Holiday Polishes in our Holiday category.

One code per order. We cannot guarantee delivery by Christmas because of high shipping volume but packages will go out within 3 business days of receiving order.

Pretty & Polished: Discontinued Polishes December 13 2012

Starting 12/14/12 we will be adding the remainder of our stock for the following colors. Once they are gone we will not offer them any longer for the foreseeable future.

Cheer Camp
Party on my Yacht
Eye Candy
Diner Daze
Party at Joes
Slime Time
Hearts & Daggers
Candy Coated
Mardi Party
Black Swan
Bubble Tea
Chelsea Chelsea Bling Bling
Everybody Loves Penguin 
Love Always, Candy Cain
Happy Holodays Duo
Xmas Wreath
S'no Mans Land
Island of Misfit Toys
How Do You Spell Chanukkah?
Get these polishes while you can because we will not be offering them through any type of custom order or otherwise. 


Welcome to Pretty & Polished online shop! November 15 2012

Welcome to our new home! We hope you will all join us here and enjoy your new Pretty & Polished shopping experience!

Please let us know if you see any issues with the site or if their are any bugs that need attention. 

We are so pleased to be bringing you a whole new site as well as plenty of new products. Some of the new or updated products you may see on your shopping trip include:

Jewelry, Nail Art, Cuticle Care, and even some new polishes! 

We will be adding more new items to our inventory over the next few months. 

With the new website comes new shipping rates. Here we will be doing shipping by cost of products purchased rather then having your shipping go up with each item bought.  Here are the details!

Domestic Shipping costs: 

$0 - $25 is $4 shipped

$25.01 - $50 is $6 shipped

$50.01 - $79.99 is $8 shipped

Any orders over $80 is free shipping!

International shipping costs:

Right now we are working on getting our international shipping in order. Your shipping will be in tiers as well ranging from $6 - $20.

We will make sure everyone has the details once we are able to open shipping to everywhere. 

Thank you and enjoy your shopping experience!