FAQs and Policies

1.) Are your products tested on animals?

Pretty & Polished feels very strongly about providing cruelty free products to our customers. None of our products contain animal products nor are they tested on any animals at any stage of our production process. 


2.) I have such a hard time getting some of your glitter polishes off. How can I get these glitters off my nail?!

All glitter polishes can be difficult to remove. We recommend the Foil Method for removing glitter polish. Please check the following links for more information about this technique:




3.) Your thermal nail polishes are really cool but they have a somewhat funny smell to them. Why do they smell different from your other polishes?

Pretty & Polished thermals are special. They work differently than all of our other polishes and they are made with special pigments. Unfortunately the mix of pigments, isopropyl alcohol, and our base make these polishes smell a little different from our others. The smell can be a little strong but once the polish is dry you should not have that smell anymore. 


4.) Some of your polishes have a texture to them. How can that be fixed? 

It is normal for polishes with heavy glitters and/or pigments to have a gritty texture. We always recommend using a top coat over any polish. We even have several of our own top coats to choose from!


5.) How long will the Color Changing effect of your thermal nail polishes last?

As long as you are wearing the nail polish it should have color changing properties. We cannot guarantee any thermal nail polishes will work after a year. There are many factors in the use and storage of these special polishes that can effect the longevity of them. We recommend storing these polishes in a cool dry place away from any direct sunlight. We also recommend avoiding making the bottles change temperatures too often by using them under hot water or a heat tool. 


6.) Some of the polishes I have from your company have a little bit of settling in them or a little bit of white at the top or the bottom. Is that normal?

As with any other nail polish there can and will be at least a small amount of settling after sitting for a long period of time. This is completely normal with any brand of nail polish. You may see a thin layer of base at the top of a polish or a thin layer of white at the top or bottom. This can be easily fixed by shaking the bottle and mixing the contents back up. If you ever have any concerns about your bottle of polish please email us with a picture and we will get back with you asap!


7.) How do you recommend storing your bath & body products?

We recommend storing bath & body products in a cool dry place. A lot of our products (scrubs, bombs, and bath powder) can be effected a lot by the addition of water to the product so it is very important to keep these dry. 



Pretty & Polished ships via USPS. We strive to get all orders out within 1-4 business days. This estimated shipping time can be longer during the Holidays. 


Pretty and Polished offers replacements for damaged goods. Please email us a picture of your broken/damaged product within 24 hours of receiving it to info@shopprettyandpolished.com

We will not accept returns in exchange for a refund of any cosmetic goods such as (but not limited to) Nail Polish, Cuticle Care products, Makeup, or Skin Care. Accepting returns of these items poses sanitary concerns. 

If you have an issue with a product such as (but not limited too) formula issues, color variants, or you received the wrong product please email us at info@shopprettyandpolished.com . Once we receive your email we will send out a return shipping label for you to use to return the product to us (unless you are international). Once the product has been received by us we will send out your replacement. (this may be subject to change depending on the situation)


International Shipping:
Once your order is shipped and a customs number is received by you (the customer) it is out of our hands. If for some reason you do not receive the package within the amount of time suggested to wait for an international package you will need to contact us and file a claim with your postal system. 

We will only put exactly what is in your package on the custom forms and the value of the contents. Postal regulations are very strict and the bad far outweighs the good in regards to fines and such.

As the buyers, you are responsible for any taxes, fees, and/or duties that are associated with international shipping. Pretty and Polished will not be responsible for any items that are taken by customs.

Lost or Missing Packages:
All domestic packages are sent with tracking numbers. If you are having an issue with a package that was sent but isn’t showing that it has been delivered, or a package that shows delivered, but didn’t show up, please contact your local post office asap and open a case for a missing package. If they are unwilling to help, as some are, please let us know if there is anything we can do. Currently, the USPS does not insure hazardous items.

Damaged on Arrival:
We are more than happy to replace a polish that was damaged in shipping. We request that you send a picture of the broken polish within 24 hours of delivery. If there is something actually wrong with the polish itself, we will ask that you return the bottle to us for an exchange.
We do not offer refunds, only replacements. If you need a product replaced we will send you a paid for return shipping label. Once we receive the product back for testing we will send your replacement product out. 

Keeping in mind the health and safety of our customers, we cannot accept polishes back for returns. Most of our polishes have been swatched not only by us, but bloggers all over the web. A quick Google search will usually result in many pictures. Please look at as many pictures as you can before purchasing so you know what you are getting. 

We ship all packages within 1-4 business days of receiving your order. We strive to get all of our products shipped out fast and efficiently but depending on the number of orders coming in it can take a few extra days. We appreciate your patience!
Custom orders can take up to 2 weeks depending on the order. 

Pretty and Polished packages are processed and shipped within 4 business days after initial purchase. Processing and shipping times do not include Holidays or weekends. 

You may ask for additional services on your orders at your own cost (signature confirmation, etc.).

All polishes are individually wrapped in bubble wrap and mailed in a poly bubble mailer or a box filled with bubble wrap.